How to Support New Parents - the COVID edition

Welcoming a new baby into the world is such a blessing for new parents and families.

The way their chubby little cheeks are so cute and their cries are so precious and the nights are so tiring and the days are so long and the dishes are piling up and what day is it today anyway? It doesn't matter how much of a blessing a new baby is - we can still admit it's tiring and can be very overwhelming.

Usually there's a long list of how to help new parents. Some usual ideas to help would be a simple visit to help them with laundry, help with older kids, being present and holding the baby while mom showers, putting the dishes away or cooking the new family a meal and cleaning their bathrooms. HA! the last one is a bit of a stretch there I don't think even the best of buddies is going to come over and clean your bathroom - wishful thinking I guess.

With social distancing all of these ideas are shot out the window.

So What is one to do to support their friends with new children?

Video Chat!

The ever so favorite video chat is great. Now this can be a little hectic with a new baby and especially if there are older siblings. Picture babies crying, toddlers running around yelling and laughing and unwashed hair on your mama friend - it may seem like the new mama is a little overwhelmed and isn't fully present and/or enjoying the phone conversation. But rest assured she will be very happy to see your smiling face, hear about what's going on in your world and have a little adult face to face video time. 


Going to get groceries with a new baby can be a struggle at the best of times, enter COVID and its damn near impossible to not feel over exposed and vulnerable to germs. Most grocery stores are overwhelmed with curbside pickup, and the wait for groceries can be up to 2 weeks. This waiting period is fine if you're organized, but we're talking new parents here, things are a bit out of wack and planning 2 weeks in advance for groceries is a bit of a stretch. Ask for a list and pick your friends up some groceries, drop them outside their door and wave hello through the window. Even if you save your friends one trip to the grocery store, this is amazing! A few weeks ago we had an amazing friend do this for us, it was so nice not to have to go to the grocery store and was so easy just to e-transfer him the money for groceries.

Meal Train!!

ChooChoo! Setting up a meal train for parents is an amazing way to support and help out, this is a great suggestion anytime but is still possible during COVID.The meal train website makes it easy to set up a meal train for somebody. You can enter all of the details regarding the family, like their diet preferences, what time they would like their meal, how many people are in the family, etc. and people simply sign up for dates. We live in an amazing little community that tries to do a meal train for families when they have a new baby. We were blessed with 2 weeks of dinners from different people. This takes such a big stress and task off of new families and enables them to spend quality time together. I always say it's not just the meals that are amazing it's not having to think or plan for dinner. This could be a bit trickier with COVID, but think leaving meals outside for families and waving through the window.

There's a few simple suggestions on how to still support your loved ones who have new little ones during this pandemic. May you, your family and loved ones be staying safe during this time, practicing social distancing and enjoying life in the slow lane. We're all in this together and with a little time life will be back on track. In the meantime, try not to stress and take it all in.

We would always love to hear from you, leave a comment on your suggestions on how to support new parents during this time.

Please keep in mind if you are feeling ill whatsoever it would NOT be advisable to grocery shop or cook a meal for a new family. If you are to do these options in sure you and all your family members are in good health as to pose no risk to the family and newborn.


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