About Owl Gator Baby

Owl Gator Baby was created by parents for parents. We aim to provide specific collections, curated with high quality, affordable baby gear. 
Welcome Owl Gator.
Owl Gator Baby is a Canadian based brand and retailer that is family owned and operated. We partner with global suppliers to bring you the most unique baby products at the most affordable prices. We aim to be your one stop shop for all things baby and toddler. We have put immense thought and research into bringing our customers high quality items at a price that doesn't break the bank.
Shipping within Canada, USA & UK is always FREE. Although, we strive to offer FREE world wide shipping, some restrictions may apply.
Owl Gator Baby Philanthropy.
Owl Gator Baby is dedicated to the health and well being of mothers and babies. A portion of all sales is donated to our favourite charities that align with our values and ethics.

What is an Owl Gator?
In the midst of one of many sleepless nights with our first born we dubbed him the Owl Gator. A complete night Owl with the ferociousness and tenacity of a Gator... picture it. An Owl Gator, through the hysteria and exhaustion that comes with sleep deprivation we were always able to find humor in the visual.


 We're all just Human, Learning how to Parent,
One little Person at a time