Our Response to COVID-19

We want to extend our deepest sympathy and support to those who have lost loved ones during this unprecedented time in history. We acknowledge that this is a very challenging time for everyone globally. As the founder of Owl Gator Baby and also a registered nurse (who is currently on maternity leave) my heart and encouragement are with all the front line and essential workers that are going to work everyday in order to combat this virus, save lives and provide much needed services - Thank You to all of You! With an extra special shout out to grocery store workers and delivery drivers!!! 

We are a family owned and operated business and are able to adhere to social distancing guidelines while maintaining and continuing business. Our suppliers are back up and running, and doing their part to stop the spread of the virus by adhering to the specific guidelines depending on where they are based.

So, to say the least, business is able to continue as "normal" at Owl Gator Baby. Products are being processed, produced and shipping out in a timely manner. The main variable is how the virus is acting in your country and the protective regulations that your country has in place, whether it is longer custom times, no plane service, different courier services, etc. There have been some delays in shipping due to border and customs concerns. We ask for some lenience in shipping times as delivery process at this point vary country to country depending on the level of pandemic threat.

Thank you for the continued support. May you and your family stay well (and sane!) during this time as social distancing continues.